Real Kashmir FC: The first Kashmiri team to play in I-League.

In the aftermath of Kashmir floods in 2014, Shamim Mehraj and Sandeep Chattoo began an outreach programme. The aim was to provide the youth of valley affected by the calamity with some distraction in the form of football. Little did they knew at that time, that this would be the first step in creation of Real Kashmir FC, the first Kashmiri team to play in I-League. Since then Real Kashmir has gone from strength to strength. In their brief but glorious history they have formed a strong relation with the…

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A psychologist, motivational speaker and a mental health counsellor Laila Qureshi, has helped many people combat depression in Kashmir, a place where it is becoming a common issue. She has a Msc, MBPsS and is an associate member of American Psychological Association (AMAPA). She has addressed basic issues of mental health, while also tackling emotional and physical abuse in children, raised voice against domestic violence. One of her big accomplishments has been to help others understand how mental health isn’t taboo and can be dealt with proper counselling. Laila Qureshi…

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Seven months have passed, please find my groom,’ the fiance of Manzoor Ahmed khan pleaded before State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).

Srinagar: In the hope of getting married to Khan in November last year, Mehrun Nisa said, “for past seven months he is missing and no clear answer is coming from the state authorities of his whereabouts. We are devastated. I hope he will return and we will marry each other.” Also before the commission today she stated that it is ironic that state authorities are maintaining lip service on the issue. “A person is missing from Army’s custody and no one is bothered to find him. I appeal this commission…

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Increasing suicide incidents are the manifestations of mental stress in soldiers: Engineer Rashid

Concerning recent events, advise traders to understand the importance of human life Jitat Engineer Rashid, head of the Public Alliance Party and Member Assembly, expressed his concern over the suicide attack of two military personnel during the last two days in Gaur and Lalu, saying that these unfortunate incidents have mental strain of the deployed troops in Kashmir. Addressing a gathering here today, Engineer Rashid said that such incidents should open their eyes that those who create hatred drive out anxiety on their lives. He said that to understand these…

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