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Peer Viqar Ul Aslam is a prominent Kashmiri journalist and a TV panelist at various news channels. He has also been a vocal Human Rights Activist working for peace and stability in the region, whose work has been lauded across regional and international media.

He has given analysis of various international issues that have been republished in many media outlets in various nations. Apart from his contributions in journalism, he also works for the people affected by the crisis in the valley. In 2015, Viqar was bestowed with the Youth Icon Award at Jammu and Kashmir Innovators Forum.

Technology always fascinated him which led to him pursuing Bachelor’s in Computer Application. After this he would go on to complete a Masters’ Degree in Communication and Journalism from University of Kashmir and begin his career as a journalist.

Soon he started working for Morocco World News as a Technology Journalist and would later work with various dailies in Jammu and Kashmir such as Rising Kashmir newspaper and Kashmir Pulse.

He has appeared on many TV debates as a panelist and held his own while raising the voice of voiceless from his homeland against some of the brash and outspoken speakers in news industry, often presenting the opinion of people of Kashmir on many international forums and being an advocate for their rights.

His emphasis on holding up the ethics of journalism has many admirers across various platforms and Viqar continues to work with tireless dedication and asking tough socio political questions to the people answerable to them and he does it in an unabated manner.

Besides his work in journalism, he has done a commendable job when it comes to standing up for Human Rights in Kashmir and helped in rehabilitation of many people who have suffered one way or the other.

He founded the Human Rights and Relief Foundation in 2019 and the organisation boasts a strength of 5000 volunteers across the region. Recently during the Covid -19 pandemic they provided relief and essential services to people across Jammu and Kashmir.

Peer Viqar has excelled in every field he has stepped in as he continues to try and make a difference on both global and regional level for the people of Kashmir and epitomizes the word Taarukk.

Taarukk wishes him all the best in all his endeavours as he continues his work and makes an impact in the lives of people.

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