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Basit Ali, a young poet from Kashmir whose poetry videos have transcended borders and propelled him to stardom after a social media video of his poetry which grabbed the attention of his followers and was shared across many platforms and spread like wildfire.

Since then Basit has gone on to publish more of his poetry videos and recently came out with his own song ‘Haqeeqat’, which has proved to be an instant hit among his followers everywhere.

His interests further venture into filmmaking and story telling and at such a young age his career has a wide spectrum of success ahead. He already has a YouTube channel dedicated to story telling where he narrates stories from his life.

Moving away from the tradition art of genre, his poetry has become popular among the youth, proving that art makes its own way and is not bound by anything. The emotional investment in his work makes it relatable to every listener as these are words spilled from the heart on paper in ink. The words leave the readers spellbound and tugs to their heart strings.

This young writer has believed in creating his own space in a such an affluent culture of poetry and his success speaks for itself. His words, the poetic style of it and its eloquence all lead to him weaving magic with his poetry and story telling and the fact that he’s only 22 years of age makes it all the more impressive.

The poetic scene in Kashmir is rich and Basit’s efforts will continue to add to its gravitas and popularity. We wish him all the best and hope he continues to mesmerize us with words.

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