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A psychologist, motivational speaker and a mental health counsellor Laila Qureshi, has helped many people combat depression in Kashmir, a place where it is becoming a common issue.

She has a Msc, MBPsS and is an associate member of American Psychological Association (AMAPA).

She has addressed basic issues of mental health, while also tackling emotional and physical abuse in children, raised voice against domestic violence. One of her big accomplishments has been to help others understand how mental health isn’t taboo and can be dealt with proper counselling.

Laila Qureshi is one of those people who believes in bringing a change step by step in the social fabric of the society with every step she takes.

For this she has held various seminars, online webinars to raise awareness about certain issues effecting our day to day lives. These issues range from child abuse to drug addiction among other social evils.

Laila, has also organized a few workshops like Teacher Training programs where they focused on student specific needs, teaching strategies, positive learning environment and role of education in bringing harmony and affection.

She understands  that children especially in Kashmir face challenges that cannot resolve on their own and as such need proper care from parents as well as their teachers.

This along with many other programmes she has conducted and been a part of, have helped people across all demographs.

She has also come up with ‘Grooming Kashmir’, a multi skill training institute, set up to educate and train youth in various fields. Experts from different fields such as Information Technology (IT), journalism, radio, vlogging are a part of this institute and it has been a success thus far.

A strong individual such as her motivates others to do well and build everything towards making this society a better place for current and future generations.

Taarukk hopes that she continues to make a difference in the lives of the people and we wish her all the best.

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